Mattress Mack


They say that when you know how to stay grounded on your two feet amidst the success achieved, the more you will be dignified by your accomplishments. This is absolutely true to Jim McIngvale who is also known as Mattress Mack. His name may not immediately ring a bell into your ears but he is that same guy in late night television who dresses up in a bed cushion and waves dollar bills just to promote Gallery Furniture. More than the image he suggests on national broadcast, in real life he is actually a number of people. He is an entrepreneur, movie producer, risk- taker, Houston supporter and author. Jack of all trades, you may think.

In 1981, Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale together with his wife, Linda, moved to Houston. With only $5, 000 he had accumulated by selling a furniture in their former hometown, they established Gallery Furniture in North Freeway which is seen until this juncture. Just like other businesses who started from scratch, it was not a piece of cake for them. McIngvale said that he was attracted to the place because in the 1980’s it was a booming oil and gas town so they as a couple took a shot even with the fact that they did not virtually knew anybody. He was born in Mississippi and was raised up in Dallas but with the trade that he was getting into, he had an experience in the 1970’s where he figured out that he can generate money out of such.

It was only in a small building where Mattress Mack and his wife Linda took office but presently, it is now situated in a 100, 000 square foot showroom. Backed by a warehouse of also similar size, they now have 300 employees. With a fleet of about 60 trucks that are utilized for deliveries, they bring home more than $150 million in annual basis. In Houston, Gallery Furniture is now a household label where they do not only cater to the locals but as well as around the United States. Much more now that there is the convenience of the information superhighway and with just a click of the mouse, orders can be placed.

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale always say that the recognition they have received is always about a relentless advertising. He added that they hilarious commercials are just part of the scheme to make noise because his philosophy is to be a team player who is not stocked in the corner and watches how the game goes. As much as possible, he is visible especially in their headquarters where there a lot of customers visiting every now and then to take a personal look of their new products. He takes every opportunity to present his brand which he claims that “promotion only serves as the underpinning for what makes his business thrive.”


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