Sealy Mattress


When you ask people in North America what brand of mattress is the most well-known, they will tell you about Sealy. This is basically for the reason that Sealy Corporation, through its subsidiaries, is the largest bedding manufacturer in the entire North America. It has been designing and crafting a wide selection of mattress and foundation products, and it is so fortunate for them that all of their products have been distributed and marketed throughout the world successfully with some great claims and reviews of them.

As mentioned, the Sealy mattress comes in a number of types and models. But if you’ll take a closer look into its product line, three of Sealy mattresses top the list. These include the new Sealy Posturepedic, TrueForm, and SpringFree.


The Posturepedic line of Sealy mattress is in the first place noted specifically for its being a Comfort Support System that features one of the company’s latest innovations, the UniCased edge, Posturepedic Innersprign and Comfort Materials. What is much nice to know about this line is that the Sealy Posturepedic is newly redesigned to provide the long lasting comfort and supportive sleep that people have long been longing for.

The Posturepedic line of Sealy mattress has a lot of great things to offer. As maintained and noted by the company and the reviews, the line provides the correct back support as it helps to keep your spine in proper alignment. Aside from that, it works to relieve pressure points and reduce your tossing and turning every night.


The TrueForm, unlike the first line, is the Sealy mattress line that is made of advanced memory foam technology. Being made of visco-elastic foam, it’s no wonder for the TrueForm to respond in the best possible way to your body’s weight and temperature. It is this capability actually that allows the TrueForm line of Sealy mattress to provide you the individualized comfort and support possible.

There a lot more advantages of using the TrueForm. Just like the rest of Sealy mattresses, it aids to reduce the pressure points by evenly distributing weight. Aside from that, it conforms to the shape of your body, re-forming as you move or adjust for total comfort, and best of all, it offers orthopedically correct alignment for your neck and spine, thus eliminating the usual back and joint pains. With all these advantages, it’s no wonder that TrueForm is now dubbed by the company and its consumers itself as the Sealy mattress line that forms to you and your life.


The SpringFree is finally the newest creation in the line of Sealy mattress. It is made of 100% latex, making it capable of providing the ingenious blend of firm support, softness, and a sense of resiliency. It is nice to know that this special line is noted for its ability to resist compression, reduce pressure points, and provide individualized support for sleeping partners.

All of the mentioned lines of Sealy mattresses are proven to give you the restful and blissful night’s sleep you’ve never known before. As claimed, you’ll be awakened completely refreshed.


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