Spring Air Mattress


Long established since 1926, Spring Air Mattress has been renowned for its innovative technology applied in its products. Francis Karr, the founder of the company, was the one who made the free- end offset coil design that actually regulates with the mass weight of the person who will be lying on top. Until now, it has been the most copied invention in the bedding industry. Presently, they are now catering in a global market where they have facility headquarters in the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Argentina, Mexico and Middle East. Even if they have plenty of competitors, they still remain in the number four spot of its kind as the largest manufacturer.

Earning a reputation for continuous improvement in its line of items, Spring Air Mattress was the first to launch the “button- free” technology in the 1940’s. It also included surfaces that have been quilted as well as extra- supportive materials used for slumber. By 1953, they began making Health Center cushions that features zones for different areas in the body. In the 1960’s, it was the turn of the Back Supporter where at that period, their sales dramatically increased until seven years. Other enhancements where the pillow tops that came in 1973. It was made out of organic fiber materials such as silk and wool.

In 1988, Spring Air Mattress launched the Four Seasons Concept as well as the Conforma Sheets that conform to the neck, shoulders and back. The novel developments that benefited the bedding industry continued until the 1990’s when the combination of latex, sap extracted from a rubber tree, and innersprings were utilized. By 1995, they presented a item where is applied about three zones in the foundation in order to make it extra durable. It was also intended for support where there were actually more added for that ultimate sleep fitness. In 1999, there was the Back Supporter Comfort Caress Collection. It promised comfort, quality and value surpassing what others of the same line also assured.

Come 2000, Spring Air Mattress came up with the “latest sensation in sleep innovation.” The sheet was covered in perimeter design that was such a hit since it complemented with the contemporary room designs. There was also the wireless edge that actually gave more support perfect for those people who are agonizing in back pain. It was designed to help them with the proper posture as well as eliminate some twinges that they can feel at night when they sleep. It had plenty of features such as the edge to edge surface where it brought more relief. A lot of their customers said that when they woke up in the morning, they felt much more better than the previous.


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